“Anglo-American HipHop Alliance” [whatnot!recordings03]
April 1, 2011, 9:02 pm
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Anglo-American HipHop Alliance [whatnot!recordings03]
“Anglo-American HipHop Alliance”, the third Whatnot! mashup playlist, includes four more of our lo-fidelity reworks.
Featuring the voice and beats of Lady Sovereign [UK] and N.E.R.D. plus/minus Pharrell [USA]. Hang loose and enjoy the noise!

[01] She Wants 2 Move Randomly
acapella: Lady Sovereign – Random
instrumental: N.E.R.D. – She Wants 2 Move

[02] Everyone Nose Ch’Ching
acapella: Lady Sovereign – Ch’Ching
instrumental: N.E.R.D. – Everyone Nose

[03] Sovereign Angel
acapella: Pharrell – Angel
instrumental: Lady Sovereign – Love Me Or Hate Me

[04] Hypnotized Gatheration
acapella: Lady Sovereign – Gatheration
instrumental: N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U


“Love Or Hate Jack’s Riff” [whatnot!recordings02]

Love Or Hate Jack's Riff
It’s the most essential riff of the ’00s: “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes is as big as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and/or “Smoke On The Water”. If there’s only one song you’ll remember from the beginning of the millenium it’ll be that catchy tune with that catchy riff. No doubt.
This 2nd Whatnot! playlist presents our take on “Seven Nation Army”. Two interpretations of the best four minutes in the life of guitarist and part-time drummer Jack White.
Love Or Hate Jack’s Riff – it’s your own decision!

[01] Love Or Hate My Dynamics
acapella: Lady Sovereign “Love Me Or Hate Me”
instrumental: The Dynamics “Seven Nation Army [Instrumental]”
additional samples taken from Prince & others.

[02] Love Or Hate My White Stripes
acapella: Lady Sovereign “Love Me Or Hate Me”
instrumental: White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”
additional samples taken from Prince & others.

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Whatnot! versus Dub FX [whatnot!recordings01]

whatnot! versus dub fx [whatnot!recordings01]

Our first WHATNOT!RECORDINGS presentation is a 4-track mashup mp3 playlist featuring the voice and beats of australian one man act DUB FX.

For those poor boys and girls who don’t know him yet… DUB FX is an internationally developed musician, who is travelling around the world, gaining world wide recognition independently via performing his art mainly on the street. Using his beat box skills (without being a beatboxer!), dynamic vocal abilities and his Roland effects pedals, he creates intense and powerful tracks, all by layering his voice though a sampler live on the spot. His lyrics both address generalized world events and contemporary angst while suggesting individual based revolution through self determination and engagement.

“WHATNOT! VERSUS DUB FX” connects the incredible creativity of DUB FX with the LoFi mashup productions of WHATNOT!

[01] Love Someone Minimal
acapella: Dub FX “Love Someone”
instrumental: Matias Aguayo vs El Remolon “Minimal Remix”
additional samples taken from Prince, Timbaland & Magoo

[02] Pray When Rain Is Gone
acapella: Dub FX “Rain Is Gone”
instrumental: Massive Attack “Pray For Rain”

[03] Incredible HipHop [featuring GURU R.I.P.]
acapella: Krumb Snatcha feat. Gang Starr “Incredible”
instrumental: Dub FX “HipHop”

[04] Rude Boy [Reggaeton Rmx]
acapella: Dub FX “Rude Boy”
instrumental: Whatnot! “Dembow Dingsbums Riddim”

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Dub FX - Rude Boy